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Experienced Representation You Can Trust

Are you struggling with a legal issue? Don’t try to handle your case alone. Attorney Salvador Brocato is ready to put his years of hands-on experience to work defending your rights. Get the help you need today.

Years of Experience as Both a Lawyer and a Police Officer

When attorney Salvador Brocato handles your case, it is put in the hands of someone who has more than 17 years of experience as a police officer and has practiced law for over 20 years. Aggressive and innovative representation to all of his civil, criminal and traffic clients. Contact Sal today by phone or fill out his online form to schedule a free initial consultation. When an insurance company had denied your claim or attempts to minimize it, you need an experienced attorney to stand up for you. If you are charged with a crime, the district attorney will have an army of lawyers whose job is to try to make sure that you are convicted. To level the playing field in a civil or criminal matter, you need an attorney who understands the law and how the court system operates. Sal is here to help you through that process.


Our Services

Sal has specifically tailored his legal services to best fulfill his clients’ needs. If you have a legal issue, trust an attorney who has the knowledge and skill to fight for you.

Health-insurance claim form and medical bills


Has your insurance company denied your claim or not responded quickly? Use our lawyer, Sal, to get the assistance you need. He’ll investigate the claim and advise you on what he believes to be the best course of action.

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Criminal in handcuffs arrested for crimes


As soon as you get arrested, you should call a lawyer. This will give you the best chance of eliminating the charges or reducing your sentence. Sal has years of experience and knows criminal law in Louisiana, so trust him with your case.

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Policeman issuing a fine for violating the traffic rules to a young woman driver


Traffic violations can be a lot more serious than you think. If you’ve received any tickets, contact Sal for his knowledge of traffic law. He offers a free initial consultation so that you can know from the start he’s the right lawyer for you.

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Put Sal’s Experience to Work for You

To schedule a free initial consultation with attorney, Sal Brocato, contact him through his online form or call him.

When You Need Legal Help

Even if you are charged with a misdemeanor crime and a ticket or summons is issued, it is still a serious offense. For example, many people think that a DWI is just a ticket. They assume you can just pay the fine and go about your business. However, the reality is that if you do not have the help of an experienced lawyer, who knows how to properly handle these situations, the consequences can haunt you for years to come. DWI’s and other enhanceable offenses are involved cases that may have implications on your criminal record. Sal has helped hundreds of clients resolve their criminal cases. He is the effective advocate you need when you face the serious situation of being charged with criminal offense.

Sal’s years as a police officer gave him a deeper understanding of how police and prosecutors approach a case, and he uses this understanding to the advantage of all of his clients. His over 20 years of legal experience has provided him the tools, especially in criminal matters, so that he can offer efficient, competent representation to clients throughout Southeast Louisiana.

He also represents clients with all types of civil matters, including: personal injuries, life insurance, homeowners claims and other types of insurance claims. Call Sal today to discuss your case.

Additionally, Sal has represented hundreds of clients with traffic matters. A conviction of a moving violation may affect your insurance rates for up to three years. Contact Sal today to discuss your traffic case and see how he can help you.