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Leading Attorney for Car and Truck Accidents

Leading Attorney for Car and Truck Accidents

The injuries that you or a loved one suffer in an auto accident or semi-truck accident can be catastrophic. When you experience these life-altering injuries, you may be entitled to compensation that can help you pay your medical bills, ongoing health care needs, vehicle repair and other expenses.

You should select a lawyer who is able to conduct the in-depth investigation necessary to build a strong case and increase the value of your case. Attorney Sal Brocato uses the training he received as a police officer to give you the added advantage that your case needs. Contact him by phone or online.

Car and truck accident clients are already going through a tough time, so Sal helps them out by taking all of the financial risk in their cases. He will not charge you for his representation unless he successfully recovers compensation for you.

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Truck Accident Attorney

Sal is able to provide comprehensive legal representation when you have been injured in a car or truck accident. When commercial trucks are involved, some of the specific things that he examines include:

  • DOT requirements: Sal carefully looks at whether the driver and the trucking company met all of the Department of Transportation (DOT) requirements that they were supposed to. This includes things such as keeping driving logs.
  • Capacity of the driver: The truck driver’s capacity and ability to operate a large commercial vehicle is an extremely important part of any truck accident case. Sal conducts a thorough investigation to determine the capacity of the driver at the time of the accident and whether this was a factor in causing your injuries.
  • Driver’s license violations: If a driver has lied to get a driver’s license in one state when he or she is not allowed to have a license in another state, it is not only illegal but also beneficial to your case. Sal’s time as a police officer taught him how to fully examine this issue and maximize the value this factor can add to your case.

In addition to Sal’s powerful investigation techniques, the representation he provides for you is strengthened by the legal skills that he has gained in his nearly 18 years practicing law.

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